Summer hair survival


When it comes to summer and our hair, it isn’t always the best combination! But here at Halo HQ we have the perfect tips to make sure that you and your hair have the perfect relationship!

  • When sunbathing, apply a deep conditioning treatment. Use the sun and heat to your advantage, as this will help your conditioning treatment soak all the way into the cuticle


  • If you do  not want to apply a conditioning treatment all the way through your hair, then you can create your very own sun protection spray!  Pour a little suncream into a spray bottle and dilute with water. This will help to protect your hair and scalp without leaving a greasy after effect.


  • Once you have been in the sea or pool, rinse your hair! Leaving the  chlorine and salt in your hair is never good as it will dry out your hair!


  • Give your hair a break from the heat! Embrace the summer braids and ponytails! Play around with accessories and let your natural side out.


  • Wear a hat! If you are lucky to suit wearing a hat then this will be the best way to protect your hair! So rock your hat with pride!