The changing shades of Kylie Jenner..

Not a day goes by do we not see something on our social media feeds regarding the Kardashion/Jenner sisters! But we seem to love everything about them, from what they are wearing to their current hair styles. The fiercesome sisters seem to have it all, showing the world that sisters stick together!

Here at Halo HQ we love to see what the youngest of the sisters, Kylie is up to! In particular her ever changing hair style.. Hitting the celeb world as a young teen she has come a long way since those days.

She appeared with the Kardashian/Jenner trademark dark tresses, natural and full. This is an easy look to recreate with our 20″ Natural black Halo, simply styled to create a natural smooth finish that is a perfect effortless daytime look.


This is when things started to change.. We have seen so many changes now it is hard to keep up with the young Jenner!

She has had the popular grey hairstyle, but would you dare to go grey!? Our bleach blonde Halo is a perfect base to start, to create the perfect grey you can use a sillver/grey shampoo! No need to even use any dye on the hair just shampoo!Screen shot 2015-07-30 at 13.25.20

We have also seen her rocking a mermaid teal shade, showing her wild side and standing out from her sisters!


But showing she is never too far way from her roots, she always goes back to what she knows.. the true Kardashian/Jenner trademark! Her shiny dark locks..

 Screen shot 2015-07-30 at 14.34.45

So create your very own Kylie style with a Halo today


Rhianna’s changing style..

RIHANNA may be renowned for her music, her risqué style and her  outspoken personality, but her ever-changing hairstyles are almost as much of a talking point. Here, we look back at the most memorable.

When she first came onto the music scene Rhianna played it safe with rich mahgoney toned glamour curls


She then decided to completely change the colour and looked gorgous with long vibrant red hair


Then came the blonde.. a beautiful golden hue with a soft fringe and loose beachy waves


She then decided on a very dramatic change in style with a black to grey ombre


At Halo HQ we love all of her different styles, but what is your favourite?

The Halo…

Ladies, when it comes to your hair things aren’t always easy. Especially if you want to rock extensions everyday and when it comes to clip-in extensions the installation can be very time consuming! But it doesn’t have to be, not with a Halo!

The Halo is one of the most amazing, fun and innovative products you will love to wear! Using 100% indian human remy hair, the Halo is amazing in quality and the simplest and quickest extensions to apply. You will quickly discover why the Halo is an award winning design! The patented miracle wire comes with a lifetime warranty too! With 37 colours available, this also includes four ombre shades, ten mix shades and three ash tones there will be a colour for you!

At Halo we also know choosing the perfect colour can be difficult, so we have taken the stress out of the process! You can send us a recent image into our website and a member of the team will get back to you with a recommendation for the best match. It couldn’t be easier.

The hardest thing you have to do is be patient for your item to arrive, but we have even made this super easy too as it is a next day service when you place you order monday-friday before 3pm!

So get your Halo today

halo #12:20 ombre blonde halo brown halo

The dry shampoo tip that changes everything!

We all want our beautiful styles to last days and days, but for most people you can only get two days maximum before having to wash your hair again. But if you are someone who needs a helping hand from dry shampoo to freshen your style, then you are probably using it incorrectly. I know, I can hear you asking how could you possibly be using it wrong? Just spray it onto the roots, well that is one way but not the most effective!

The secret to getting the most out of your dry shampoo is here..

It is all in the preparation, most of us will find our hair feeling worse on the morning so the preparation begins just before you go to sleep! Start by spraying the root area with dry shampoo, this should be done in inch wide sections as you do not want to overload the root area, you don’t want it to look to chalky with product. Once you have sprayed the dry shampoo in the areas you want then leave for two minutes, resist the temptation to brush your hair straight away.  This will give it chance to work its magic and absorb the oils. Repeat this in the morning and you will finally see that dry shampoo can be your best friend and your style can last for days!

The concrete jungle…

The concrete jungle might be essential for realising your dreams but increasingly it seems to spell bad news for your hair and hair extensions. We forget that our hair is also effected in the same way our skin is, it can also become dry if we do not give it the TLC it requires!

Moisture is the key! Remember it begins with your shampoo and conditioner, you want to have one that contains moisturising ingredients and remember do not apply your conditioner directly to your roots as this can cause you to have oily roots! We would always recommend a heat protector before you blow dry your hair, heat can be ok for your hair as long as you prep correctly! Also we recommend blow-drying your hair as this closes the hair cuticle and creates a smooth finish, leaving your hair to air dry can create frizziness as your cuticle will be open, this can also lead to more damage when brushing your hair. Once your hair is dry, style as you would normally and finish with a smoothing serum to keep your style from fly aways and to seal the ends of your hair, when applying serum start from the mid-lengths to ends and avoid the root area as this will cause the root to get oily quicker and flatten your style as it will be too heavy.

So remember, protect your hair and you will never have a bad hair day again!