The concrete jungle…

The concrete jungle might be essential for realising your dreams but increasingly it seems to spell bad news for your hair and hair extensions. We forget that our hair is also effected in the same way our skin is, it can also become dry if we do not give it the TLC it requires!

Moisture is the key! Remember it begins with your shampoo and conditioner, you want to have one that contains moisturising ingredients and remember do not apply your conditioner directly to your roots as this can cause you to have oily roots! We would always recommend a heat protector before you blow dry your hair, heat can be ok for your hair as long as you prep correctly! Also we recommend blow-drying your hair as this closes the hair cuticle and creates a smooth finish, leaving your hair to air dry can create frizziness as your cuticle will be open, this can also lead to more damage when brushing your hair. Once your hair is dry, style as you would normally and finish with a smoothing serum to keep your style from fly aways and to seal the ends of your hair, when applying serum start from the mid-lengths to ends and avoid the root area as this will cause the root to get oily quicker and flatten your style as it will be too heavy.

So remember, protect your hair and you will never have a bad hair day again!