The dry shampoo tip that changes everything!

We all want our beautiful styles to last days and days, but for most people you can only get two days maximum before having to wash your hair again. But if you are someone who needs a helping hand from dry shampoo to freshen your style, then you are probably using it incorrectly. I know, I can hear you asking how could you possibly be using it wrong? Just spray it onto the roots, well that is one way but not the most effective!

The secret to getting the most out of your dry shampoo is here..

It is all in the preparation, most of us will find our hair feeling worse on the morning so the preparation begins just before you go to sleep! Start by spraying the root area with dry shampoo, this should be done in inch wide sections as you do not want to overload the root area, you don’t want it to look to chalky with product. Once you have sprayed the dry shampoo in the areas you want then leave for two minutes, resist the temptation to brush your hair straight away.  This will give it chance to work its magic and absorb the oils. Repeat this in the morning and you will finally see that dry shampoo can be your best friend and your style can last for days!